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President's Message - December 2014

New message from the President.  Click HERE for details.  

High School State Tournament Schedule

Congratulations to Frisco, Plano West, Grapevine/Colleyville and McKinney for prevailing in their playdown series and advancing to the Blended State Tournament. The schedule for the Blended and Pure Divisions is included below.

Date Day Start Length Rink/Surface Division Home Visitor
6-Feb Friday 8:30 PM 1:30 VR-2 Varsity-Blended McKinney Frisco
6-Feb Friday 8:30 PM 1:30 NYTEX Varsity-Blended Plano West  Grapevine/Colleyville
7-Feb Saturday 8:30 AM 1:30 EU-Green Varsity-Blended Frisco Plano West 
7-Feb Saturday 10:15 AM 1:30 EU-Green Varsity-Blended Grapevine/Colleyville McKinney
7-Feb Saturday 2:30 PM 1:30 EU-Green Varsity-Pure Jesuit John Paul II
7-Feb Saturday 3:45 PM 1:30 EU-Gold Varsity-Blended Frisco Grapevine/Colleyville
7-Feb Saturday 4:15 PM 1:30 EU-Green Varsity-Blended Plano West  McKinney
8-Feb Sunday 10:00 AM 1:30 FR-Arena Varsity-Pure John Paul II Jesuit
8-Feb Sunday 11:45 AM 1:30 FR-Arena Varsity-Blended 1st Place 2nd Place
8-Feb Sunday 5:45 PM 1:30 FR-Arena Varsity-Pure Jesuit John Paul II - If Needed

Texas High School Hockey State Playdown Games

The State Tournament to determine which high school teams will represent Texas at the USA Hockey National High School Varsity Tournament will be held the weekend of Feb. 7th.

Two schools will compete in the "Pure" division, which means every player on the team attends the same high school. Those two schools are Jesuit and John Paul II, which are both located in Dallas County.

Ten teams applied to compete in the "Blended" division, which means teams have players from more than one high school. Pursuant to State Tournament Rules, these ten teams will compete in playdown games to determine which four will compete in the State Tournament.

Plano West will play The Woodlands in a best of three series, with the winner advancing to the State Tournament. The games will be played Jan. 9th at 9:00 p.m., January 10th at 9:30 p.m. and, if necessary, January 11th at 6:00 a.m. All games will be held at the Valley Ranch rink.

Game 1: Plano West 6 - The Woodlands 0

Game 2: Plano West 4 - The Woodlands 0

Plano West wins series and advances to State Tournament.

Frisco will play Arlington/Midlothian in a best of three series, with the winner advancing to the State Tournament. Game 1 will be play January 11th at 5:45 p.m. at the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco. Game 2 will be played January 13th at 8:45 p.m. in Euless. Game 3, if necessary, will be played January 14th at 7:30 p.m. at the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco.

Game 1 - Frisco won 7 nothing.

Game 2 - Frisco won 4 nothing.

Frisco advances to State Tournament.

Keller defeated Southlake Carroll 8 to 1 in a single elimination game on January 14th at 8:30 p.m. at NYTEX. Keller will play McKinney in a best of three series to determine which team advances to the State Tournament. Game one of the McKinney series will be Jan. 20th at 7:30 p.m. at Frisco. Game two will be Jan. 21st at 8:30 p.m. at NYTEX.

Game 1 - McKinney won 5 to 1

Game 2 - McKinney won 3 to 1

McKinney advances to State Tournament.

Grapevine/Colleyville defeated Mansfield 4 to 1 on January 14th in a single elimination game. It will now play Coppell in a best of three series to determine which team advances to the State Tournament. 

Game 1 - Grapevine/Colleyville won 4 to 1

Game 2 - Grapevine/Colleyville won 6 to 3

Grapevine/Colleyville advances to State.

2015-2016 Tier I Hockey

We are currently in an “option” year for our existing Tier I organizations.   Authorization for the 2015-2016 season will require new applications from any interested Associations. Click here for further information.  

USAH Upholds TAHA Decision on Polar Ice

July 28, 2014

USAH released its decision today on the appeal filed by Grapevine/Polar Ice contesting TAHA's decision that Grapevine/Polar Ice breached the Member Association Agreement. As a result of the lawsuit filed against multiple parties by Grapevine/Polar Ice, TAHA determined Grapevine/Polar Ice had violated its Member Association Agreement and ultimately issued an indefinite suspension pending a satisfactory cure for the breach. (Curing the breach would require several actions by Grapevine/Polar Ice including dropping the legal action entirely and paying all fees and expenses incurred to date for defendants, Reggie Hall, Paul Freudigman and the DSTHL.)

In the 14 page decision, USAH confirmed that

1. Grapevine's claims are within the scope of the TAHA dispute resolution procedures (i.e., TAHA Bylaws, article 14),

2. Seeking monetary damages does not remove the Grapevine claims from the TAHA dispute resolution procedure, and

3. The conditions required for the cure of the breach did not exceed TAHA's authority

USAH noted that Grapevine/Polar Ice was well aware of the requirements for dispute resolution and failed to follow its contractual obligations choosing instead to pursue the matter in Court. The decision states in part, "Brad Berman (President of Grapevine/Polar Ice) affirmatively testified that Grapevine was aware of and consciously chose not to follow the mandatory dispute resolution procedures."

Grapevine/Polar Ice's suspension is upheld and has been remanded back to TAHA for implementation.

Adults Experience the 8U Look at the Ice

May 1 Update on Grapevine/Polar Ice Lawsuit

May 1, 2014

The hearing on the limited TRO was scheduled to take place on Wednesday April 30 but was delayed to allow for arguments on challenges to jurisdiction of the Court to hear the disputed issues.

The Court today elected not to dismiss the case at this time and has reset the hearing on the limited TRO for May 19.

The Court did clarify that the TRO protects only the number of teams (8) that Polar can have in the DSTHL until the hearing on the 19th. The TRO in no way modifies or alters the playing levels of the Polar Ice teams (A and B), as previously determined by the DSTHL.  AA status was not granted to any Polar Ice teams and Polar Ice has yet to seek relief from the TAHA concerning any DSTHL decision.

The TAHA is still scheduled to conduct a hearing on May 12 to determine whether Grapevine/Polar Ice is in violation of the Member Agreement signed with the Affiliate and, if so, whether disciplinary action is warranted.

TAHA Awarded 2015 Tier II Nationals

(October 29, 2013) USA Hockey announced today that the Texas Amateur Hockey Association has been awarded the 16U Tier II National Tournament in 2015. The application was a massive undertaking by several members of the Board and volunteers from across the state. The application submission was spearheaded by TAHA Vice President Mark Servaes.

In the next few days there will be a call for volunteers as TAHA begins assembling a committee to oversee the National Tournament. Additionally, a sub committee will be formed to consider proposals from a variety of vendors and support businesses (from hotels, to restaurants to apparel providers) who will be chosen to participate in the tournament.

Watch our web site for more details.

Richter Endorses Cross Ice and ADM

Stanley Cup winner and three time US Olympian Mike Richter offers his views of cross ice/half ice for Mites and endorses the USAH ADM model. Richter, compares the smaller ice surface to playing pond hockey with few rules and more touches.

WHL Coach Sutter Challenges Year Round Hockey

Brent Sutter says he feels that too much hockey, especially for young kids, will hinder them rather than help them.

Sutter a two time Stanley Cup Champion, former NHL Head Coach, current Head Coach and GM of the Red Deer Rebels (WHL) and member of the famed Sutter family, made his remarks in an interview with the Edmonton Sun. Sutter said, "It is so noticeable on a hockey team that the kids who have played other sports and experienced different things are always the smarter players on your team, and they are able to handle adversity better.” Sutter continued, “They deal with adversity better because they are thrown into different environments and they trust their skills that they may have learned elsewhere to get them through certain things.

Bottom line is the obsession that some coaches have with year round hockey may well be the exact opposite of what is needed for your player.

Read the entire article here: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/edmonton-oilers/Wanted+hockey+True+athletes/8043213/story.html

Sutter Speaks Out On Year Round Hockey

Quinnipiac Head Coach Talks ADM For Mites

Rand Pecknold, Head Coach of NCAA finalist Quinnipiac talks ADM and Mite cross ice hockey. If there was any doubt that cross ice is the best option for these young hockey players it will be gone once you watch this enlightening video. Don't believe the "full ice" advocates with an agenda.